Saturday, September 20, 2008

Undying Love

My Heart
Is Like the
Raging storms,
bracing itself,
Waiting for the
Lightning that is
sure to come.

My heart
Is like
the water...
Going up
And down

Your kiss, like
Melting Caramel
upon my lips.
Your name,
The one word
I'll be sure to

My heart
is like
Your Touch.
Everloving & Everlasting.
I need your love
to unleash
The clasping
of two hearts
For all
Eternity &Needlesly

1 comment:

god_only_made_one¤that's realtalk¤ said...

Hey just hittin you up and seeing your work I mean I hear it and hear about it but I had to see for my self and damn......girl if you don't tell it like it is and don't hold back about your feelings and things that's on your mind and I love that about you so much and I know but hard work pays off and feels good so do your best and don't let hater's get at you, you get at them

You already know.........just keep it up I love it yeah you know it............ya bu baby the one and only