Friday, June 12, 2009

November...Death Defying?...Are You Kidding Me???

I don't like the idea of death. I'm scared shitless of death and dying.
Where do we REALLY go once we die?
Do we still exist, just in another form?
Do we really have souls?
If so, do our souls just roam the earth once we die
or is Heaven and Hell horrifyingly real?
Is death just a figment of our imaginations and we're just letting this
thought and/or idea run rampant through our minds and allow it to
control our lives.
Were the people who have already passed on ever really here to
begin with in the first place?
Or are we truly living in "THE MATRIX"?

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Kristine said...

Hi Zuri it's Kristine how are you? I'm good. I read the last post on your blog and it's deep. That picture you put is kind of creepy but I think it goes well with you poem. I hope to hear from you soon.